Holder rewards

When holding Glitchy, you get the choice of how you want to withdraw your reward. Any holder, even the smallest holder, will be able to enjoy rewards from holding Glitchy. All you need is 1 GLY token in your wallet!
Rewards can be claimed every hour OR left to accumulate and claimed at the holder's convenience.
Holders have the following options with claiming rewards:
1 - Withdraw BNB
The user can simply choose to collect his reward as BNB directly to his wallet.
2 - Withdraw as ANY active token on the BSC in Pancake swap!
The user can choose to withdraw their reward as the equivalent value of any other token, as long as the token has a liquidity pool, on Pancake swap. This includes USDT, BUSD, BTC, ETH, ADA, or even your favorite meme coin!
3 - Swap for more Glitchy with reduced fees! Users who want to grow their Glitchy holdings could choose to swap their rewards for more Glitchy with reduced fees! Any person holding more than 50K Glitchy tokens will see the fees reduced by 50% if they choose to reinvest their reward in Glitchy. Meaning more tokens for the same value! For any holders with less than 50K tokens, if they chose to reinvest in Glitchy, they will enjoy 0 fees! While some other coins only reward big holders, Glitchy helps little wallets to grow their stack!
4 - EXPERIMENTAL - Auto withdraw
Some wallets will be able to auto claim their reward in BNB. This means that you'll be receiving your reward straight to your wallet without having to claim! For now, only 10k addresses will be able to activate the auto claim feature. First come, first serve! Because this is still an experimental phase, the total number of users able to withdraw their funds automatically might be reduced or increased.