Giveaway bot

Giveaways are based on the trading volume of glitchy! 2% of every trade will go toward the funding of the giveaways.
The giveaway bot functions by collecting BNB on buy and sale transactions. Once triggered with the click of a button on our app, it will randomly select a Glitchy holder to receive the giveaway pot.

Giveaway rules

In order to qualify for the giveaway, you must hold at least 10,000 Glitchy tokens in your wallet. 2% of every trade is sent to the giveaway bot contract. Each level increments by 1BNB (1 then 2 then 3 and so on...) and will continue stacking with no limit. Once the current level amount is reached, a winner needs to be picked.
To randomly pick a winner, a user will need to click the giveaway call feature on our website. The contract then uses the current time, the address of the user clicking the giveaway call, and the block difficulty. This information gets mixed together and generates a random number between 0 and the total amount of Glitchy holders.
ANYONE can click the button to call the contract to pick a random winner once a reward level is reached. Because the contract needs to generate a random number and make sure the address picked is eligible for the giveaway, it costs gas to do this.
After a user clicks the button to randomly pick a winner, if the address picked doesn't meet the requirements for the giveaway, the contract will return no winner. Then another attempt at picking a winner needs to be made until an address that meets requirements is randomly selected. If the address picked meets the requirements, the owner of this wallet can simply withdraw their winnings from our app!
However, if the winning address doesn't claim their winnings within the next 5 levels, the contract will automatically cancel this win and send the value back into the giveaway pot. Check regularly to be sure you don't miss any potential winnings! Also, a winning address can't be eligible for the next giveaway until its reward has been claimed!