Contract flexibility

Glitchy's new contract gives the owner flexibility in order to adapt to the constantly changing Defi world. Here is a list of all the actions the contract owner could take on Glitchy:
  • update the Dividend Tracker. Allow us to implement some changes if needed for the reward calculation and features
  • update Pancakeswap Router. Following the recent Pancakeswap update in their contract, some tokens weren't prepared for it. In the event of a new version of the Pankeswap Router, this can be updated in our contract.
  • set Maintenance: To change the maintenance contract receiving the fee and the fee amount (max 2%)
  • set LP Wallet: To change the wallet receiving the newly generated LP Tokens from the LP fee.
  • set Giveaway: To change the giveaway bot contract address.
  • set Amount To Initiate Swap: As fees are collected in Tokens, the contract needs to sell the tokens to swap them for BNB. However, if a fixed amount is set, these sales could become quite impactful as the project grows. This allows us to reduce the amount to trigger a swap and therefore avoid huge dumps as the market cap grows. (Max 200K tokens)
  • set Sell Fee Increase Factor: Allows to change the fee increase on sell trades (Max 1.5x).
  • set Reinvest Decrease Fee Factor: Change the fee deduction for user reinvesting their rewards.
  • Set Min Holding For Reinvest Fee Calculation: Set the holding max holdings to enjoy fee less reinvest.
  • exclude From Fees: To exclude an address from fees.
  • set Increase Fee On Sells: To turn on or off the increase fees on sell transactions.
  • set Decrease Fee On Reinvest: to turn on or off the decrease fees on reinvest transactions.
  • setBNBRewardFee: To change the BNB reward fee ( up to 15%)
  • setLiquiditFee : up to 5% max
  • setMaxSellTxAmount: max amount that can be sold in one transaction.
  • updateClaimWait: update cooldown between reward claims.
  • updateMaxAutoClaimingAccounts: To update the amount of account that can autoclaim.
  • excludeFromDividends: to exclude an address from getting reward.
Last modified 1yr ago